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Stanchion’s approach is to hire team members who contribute both on a technical level and who will be a natural fit for the team.

We strive for excellence by cultivating the best team as well as work environment. What makes us a preferred employer is the global experience we offer as well as the way we work – our values are well-lived and entrenched in how we do business. We are always looking for new talent, so feel free to view our open vacancies within our global teams.

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Life at Stanchion

Stanchion’s head office is based in Cape Town, South Africa and we have offices across the globe in Australia, Middle East, United Kingdom and America.

Our teams are also spread across these regions and this results in resources liaising globally with customers, team members and receiving international exposure.

We have a very bespoke offering in the payments industry and we therefore believe strongly in knowledge sharing and growing our teams from within.

What makes Stanchion great is its people and the trust our customers have in our product offering and teams abilities. This is something we are very proud of!

Global Diversity

Even though we are a global company we still function as one team! This is accomplished by shared values, and experiences and also by making sure our teams build healthy relationships!

Purpose, values and competitive capabilities.

  • Our core purpose is powering payments change. 

  • Our business is about providing global payment application solutions. 

  • We are really good at engaging our customer as a trusted partner, providing innovative solutions and securing payment processes. 

  • Our key capabilities include integrating, automating, optimising and securing payment systems, processes and operations.  

  • Our Customers experience our culture as people who own the ticket, are trustworthy, transparent, driven by excellence and collaboration. 

Our Current Vacancies

Current Vacancies

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