Verto is a next-generation integration & orchestration platform designed for banks and payment providers.

Verto accelerates the time to market for new feature enablement, especially in legacy environments – unlocking new value from existing technology assets.

Benefits of Verto

Interoperability and Open APIs are leading strategies for payment companies, however, each of these come with numerous challenges.

Legacy infrastructure, availability of skilled payment experts, combined with the expected need to scale and respond in real-time, all place technology teams under pressure to deliver, especially for organisations with limited budgets, or multiple concurrent projects.

Verto provides a way to overcome these challenges and simplify payment integration for banks and payment providers.

What is Verto Payment Fabric?

Verto Payment Fabric is based on advanced fabric-based computing, it creates interoperability between legacy payment systems and modern applications, achieving business outcomes of enhanced customer experience, cost efficiency, accelerated time to market, and operational resilience.

Verto provides the fabric for modular applications to be deployed in a standardised and seamless way.

Think of Verto as a suite of software products that operate in a modular way. As your business needs change or grow, Verto modules can be added, all managed by our Verto Payment Fabric.
Verto modules include:


  • Card Management
  • PIN Management
  • Cryptography Management
  • Tokenization (I-TSP) or Digital Wallet Enablement
  • Alternate Payment Methods (QR payments)
  • Acquirers

  • SoftPOS
  • Tokenization – TR-TSP
  • Smart Routing / Least Cost Routing
  • Banking

  • Open Banking
  • Instant / Rapid Payments (Real-time)
  • Verto for Issuers

    Simple solutions for complex payment environments.

    Verto brings it all together, solving complexity and allowing Issuers to do more for their account holders

    Explore Verto for Issuers

    Verto for Acquirers

    Everyone needs to accept payments, but why is it so complex?

    Verto simplifies the flow of payments, making getting paid quick, pain-free, and cost effective.

    Explore Verto for Acquirers


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