Stanchion is a leading global PayTech solution provider.

Stanchion powers payment change by offering advanced payment integration capabilities that focus on enabling the modernisation, transformation, accelerated innovation, and efficient management of payment systems.

Over the past two decades, since our establishment in South Africa in 2001, we have expanded our offerings and solutions across the globe, and now boast offices in South Africa, Australia, United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates, United States and Israel.

Stanchion’s Payment Fabric offers advanced integration capabilities that enables Issuers to deliver new functionality.

Payment Fabric technology extends the life of existing investments by modernising, transforming, accelerating innovation, and improving operations.

“Amidst this ongoing digital revolution, our organisation’s services and solutions allow our customers to grow and innovate within their businesses.”


Steven Kirrage

CEO, Stanchion

Stanchion’s ongoing innovation legacy

  • Our Establishment

    Stanchion was initially incorporated in 2001, when the growing need for payment solutions at a time of rapid industry change was identified in the marketplace. Initially, the focus was on switch management services, but that soon evolved into also offering payment switch capabilities which meant it acquired its own switch. As the payments landscape grew and evolved, so too did Stanchion, adding development skills to its expanding portfolio.

  • Our Global Footprint

    From 2011, we began growing our global footprint, opening offices first in the Middle East, followed quickly by branches in Europe, the US and APAC. At the same time, Stanchion’s team of experts grew, drawing on talent from around the world to bolster their consulting and services offerings and skills.

  • Our Legacy

    In 2020, Steve Kirrage took over the reins as Global CEO. With his decades of retail and payments industry experience, Steve has continued Stanchion’s legacy of identifying opportunities in the dynamic and changing payments landscape and aligning our offering to meet these changes.

    It is this agility, innate entrepreneurial spirit, and ability to continually adapt and transform services that has enabled Stanchion to retain its standing as a leading global PayTech solution provider in an increasingly competitive space.


Our dynamic team of specialists

Key to Stanchion’s legacy of growth and success is our team of industry experts with years of PayTech experience who are committed to engaging our customers as trusted partners. They have an eye for opportunity, the agility to innovate and adapt to trends, and the ability to mastermind tech solutions to overcome industry shortfalls.

Our global team of payment specialists have an intimate understanding of the complex needs of payments businesses giving them the insights and resources needed to collaborate with our vast range of high-profile clients, from banks and retailers to credit unions, card schemes, payment processors, and payment systems around the world. Testament to this is the long and strong customer relationships with Blue Chip clients, as their payments needs and the needs of customers change. We pride ourselves on engaging with clients to work together to satisfy the increasing demand in the marketplace for complex and comprehensive, forward-thinking digitised payments solutions that perfectly match their requirements.

Our partners

Stanchion continuously looks for industry-leading partners to complement and augment its solutions to meet customer demand in a fast-changing environment.