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Enhanced Overlay for Card Management

When Fintech knows no limits, cardholders expect personalisation features that match their needs and lifestyle. Card Management Services, or CMS provides an overlay for card issuing systems to activate enhanced features for cardholders to take full control of their cards. Card management is more than plastic in wallets, virtual cards are growing and provide new ways to offer personalised payment experiences.

Use Case

For banks and financial institutions aiming to provide their cardholders with enhanced card controls and security features, empowering them to personalise their card usage according to their lifestyle, spending habits, and security concerns.

Even hyper-personalisation options like a self-selected picture for their card can be enabled, allowing their payment experience to match their personality and individualism.

Challenge it Solves:

Traditional card systems lack the flexibility and granular controls that sophisticated cardholders seek. Verto CMS enables users to manage everything about their card, from setting limits to specifying transaction types and location restrictions. Without card issuers investing in new card issuing systems, Verto CMS Gateway helps unlock new functionality for enhanced customer experience.

Our Card Management Services transform the way cardholders interact with your digital channels, providing a seamless, secure, and user-centric experience.

Delight your cardholders by giving them more control and flexibility with their cards.

PIN Management

Revolutionise Card Security with Seamless PIN Management - Effortless, Secure, Empowering. In the fast-paced world of digital banking and online transactions, our PIN Management solution is a game-changer. This innovative service allows cardholders to easily manage their card PINs - offering PIN activation, reveal, reset, and verify PIN functionality.

Use Case

Ever forget your card PIN... So have we…

Verto ePIN is designed for anyone who needs a PIN reminder or wishes to reset forgotten PINs, or wants to regularly update their PINs for enhanced security.

Challenge it Solves:

Traditionally, changing or retrieving a card PIN can be a tedious process, often requiring a visit to the bank or an ATM, leading to inconvenience and security risks. Our product eliminates these challenges by offering a digital solution that can be accessed anytime, anywhere.

By integrating our PIN Management solution into your digital channels, you can allow your cardholders to access their PIN instantly, without compromising on security.

Cryptography Control

The Cryptography Control Plane addresses a critical challenge in modern cryptography management – the need for interoperability across various hardware OEMs and infrastructure setups. Many organisations struggle with integrating disparate cryptographic systems, especially when transitioning between on-premises and cloud environments. Cryptography Control Plane solves the complexity of Hardware Security Modules (HSM).

Use Case

Ideal for businesses operating in a multi-vendor hardware environment or requiring a hybrid infrastructure.

Our Cryptography Control Plane acts as an API Gateway for HSMs, and this is perfectly suited for organisations that leverage both on-premises HSMs and cloud-hosted HSMs from leading providers like AWS, Microsoft, and other cloud HSM providers.

Challenge it Solves:

Managing enterprise cryptography can be costly, not to mention complex. With multiple hardware vendors, on-prem hardware, and the ever-growing concern about post-quantum cryptography, organisations struggle to manage their crypto estate and encryption strategies. Instead of integrating to every hardware vendor’s API, the Cryptography Control Plane simplifies API management by providing a single point of integration for enterprise cryptography.

The Cryptography Control Plane provides a new level of flexibility and scalability to your cryptographic operations, making it an indispensable tool for organisation-wide encryption and key management.


Network tokenization significantly improves payment security by substituting sensitive card holder information with abstract token values, protecting card holder data from unauthorised use. Token Requestors are facilitated by Token Service Providers (TSP) who enable tokenization of the Issuers cards, resulting in enhanced transaction security.

Use Case

An Issuer Token Service Provider (I-TSP) plays a significant role in the digital payment ecosystem. They create the interoperability between the card issuer CMS and network tokenization service providers like Visa VTS and Mastercard MDES.

The result is the activation of digital wallets like Apple Pay and Google Pay, which rely on tokenization.

Challenge it Solves:

Implementing tokenization isn't without its challenges. Issuers face complexities with integrating tokenization with their existing systems, managing card lifecycle events with the TSP, ensuring regulatory compliance, and having in-house talent available to do the technical work.

Our Verto Payment Fabric ensures that your implementation of network tokenization is smooth, secure, and compliant with international standards, making your operations more efficient and your customer data more secure.

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